Friday, April 6, 2007

Just to be loved

My dog Bambi had been my friend, companion and sometimes my confidant since she brought to us in 2000. At first I didn’t like her because I don’t want to take care of a white long-coated dog, it was just too high maintenance for me. They say that Japanese Spitz are very affectionate and sweet kind of breed (doesn’t all dogs are?) that Bambi is indeed one. She would always come up to me and curl up beside me whenever I’m watching TV or just simply doing anything. She would touch my lap with her paw as if begging for biscuits when she’s hungry; she would also playfully bite my hand to signal that she wants to play; and would also bark like a crazy bitch whenever she wants to go out. She was the typical pet and I was the typical human for her.When my ex-boyfriend died, I distance myself from my family and close friends. I just didn’t think they would understand. I felt so confuse and alone. I needed someone but I still don’t think anyone could help me. During that time, Bambi came up to me. She was looking hard at me; as if she’s trying to figure out that I was feeling back then. I know she felt my sadness because she just lay down beside me with the saddest face a dog could have. I then poured my soul, my despair, my anguish about what happened and she just stayed there and listen until I felt asleep. Sometimes I feel stupid for saying this but she did become my confidant and my friend after that. She’s now 5 years old and I feel she might not live long enough to play with my future children. This is the first time that I’ve been this close to a dog. She and her daughter, Britney, are like family members. My mom would sometimes scold them like naughty children running around the house. Sometimes they act like one. They would cry and stay on one corner if they were reprimanded and starts acting sweet again after 2 minutes. My ideal friend. Uncomplicated. Expects attention but gives nothing but unconditional love.

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mlee said...

Hi, I understand your love for your dog. I had a toy poodle before, and he actually was able to live 16 years. Japanese Spitz can live up to 12 years or even more specially if they are VERY well taken cared of. Your dog being 5 yrs of age is not even 'old' at all :)

Unless your dog is showing signs of aging, or he has an ailment, a condition .. or some sort of disease that he isn't being treated of - then your gorgeous spitz might even live beyond his life expectancy. :D