Saturday, March 17, 2007

exShoes me!

Hay... I love shoes... I'm feeling a bit depress since the last pair I bought was last February 10. I know I'm sick (and shallow sometimes!) but I could really spend the whole day in a mall trying out shoes. Hay... If I only have some extra money, I'll buy these shoes:(NOT NECESSARILY IN ORDER)

1. Lanvin ballet flatsAng cute di ba? I love wearing ballet flats! And colors are so nice, I want to have all available colors.

2. Christian Loubotin wedgesI'm not that fond of wearing high heeled shoes but I just like the one in orange. The color is very bright. Pansin agad!
3. Purple High Heels
I dont know who the designer is but when I saw this sandals, I know i want it. Again i'm not fond of wearing high heels but look at the dangling charms, ngpapadagdag ng "cuteness" dba?

4. Melissa shoes (indie collection)

It's all about shine! I really like patents! I would love to have this in green, blue and pink

5.Coach ballet flats
Sabi ko nga, I love wearing ballet flats. I want all possible colors available nga eh. A girl can never have too many shoes!
6.Dior western leather ballerinas
Sigh! I’m inlove!

7.Marc Jacobs patent ribbon wedge ballerina
Ganda noh? =)

8.Tod’s ballerina dee with buckle
Yoko na mgdescribe, pare-pareho lang nman sinasabi ko eh. Bottomline is I love shoes!

9. Emilio Pucci patent t-strap wedge sandals
10. Juicy Couture eyelet wedge

Hay ulit... I would really love to fill up my shoe cabinet with these shoes. Maybe in time. =)


Gita Asuncion said...

nice pairs!

Anonymous said...

are these for sale?