Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Second Year

Finally! After weeks of stressful preparations and anxiety, we celebrated our week long second anniversary. It was a blast! A week without irate callers and just simply enjoying it with my niccolo... what a way to spend a much earned VLs!
We're suppose to start our week-long celebration by going to Bohol. Almost everything is set up except for the most important thing, resort accomodation. Imagine our anxiety when 4 days before our anniversary and we still haven't made reservations! Our Cebu Pacific flight was scheduled for Feb.28 6:55am but since all travel agencies we went to doesn't accept credit card payments, we were left with no choice but to cancel the flight. We dont have enough money that time to pay for cash. And so our fallback was to go to Puerto Galera, anyway they have almost the same activities we want, scuba diving, snorkling, and of course swimming! So March 1 came, I met my niccolo at Alabang where we traveled by bus going to Batangas pier. It took us almost 2 hours with all the stopovers and the traffic to reach the pier and from there, we proceeded to Puerto Galera by roro boat and it took us another 1 hour and 30 minutes. When we got there, we were greeted by Alma, our contact at Sheryll's Inn and finally settled in our temporary place, Room 6. The travel time was too much for me that I was simply too tired to go out and have fun in the sun. Oh well, here's how we spent our 3 days and 2 nights in puerto galera.

Day 1
After arriving and setting up at Sheryll's Inn, White Beach, Puerto Galera, we took our lunch at the nearby Paul's Bar and Restaurant and spent P550 for grilled chicken, sinigang na sugpo, 4 cups of rice, and two glasses of iced tea and mango juice. I know, matakaw talaga kmeng dalawa! We went back to our room to rest and sleep. Tick tock tick tock tick tock. After 3 hours of sleep, we strolled down the beach, took pictures, and hop from one souvenir stores after another to look for nice shirt design, jewelry, and tattoo. Nico wants to check out some tattoo shops to add/enhance his tattoos but he ended up getting a henna tattoo (cost us P100) to see if he likes the design. He did but we have limited budget so we just leave it like that. While he's doing getting the henna, I had my navel pierced (P800 with the navel ring already).Parang kagat lng ng langgam pero medyo mahapdi afterwards. I didnt feel that sensation when i had my tongue pierced, iba pala pag sa navel, mas masakit ng konti.
But dont get me wrong, the pain is tolerable so it was ok, I guess. After that, we took pictures again and stayed at the beach 'til night, talking about almost everything and our itinerary for tomorrow and the day after that while nico had a few bootle of beers.Feeling hungry (as usual), we went back to our room to take a bath and dine at Paul's bar again where we spend P300 for a dinner or grilled porkchop and liempo with 4 cups of rice and a bootle of beer and iced tea. Afterwards, we called it a day and slept, for the next day is a busy day.

Day 2

Isnt it nice to wake up first thing in the morning in the arms of the person you love? What a way to start my day! We woke up at about 7am. We had a breakfast compose of laPaz batchoy, Chicken Mani, bread with cheese spread. It was our baon so we were able to spend a few moolahs.

We took a bath, wore our swimsuits and shorts, and headed down the beach to strut our stuffs.
My swimsuit feels and looks good on me and I felt like a swimsuit model. Im serious, really. I felt gorgous as always. One thing
I forgot to bring a boardshort or any nice coverup so I bought a sarong for P120. We used our disposable waterproof camera because his digital camera is already low in battery. We stayed in the water until we felt hungry (hehehe!) so headed back to our room to change and eat lunch at Paul's again (suki na kme dito.) We ordered tinola and nilagang baka with the usual 4 cups of rice and 2 glasses of iced tea. Kim, the gay waitress even joked that "naubusan ata kme ng tubig sa katawan" because of our choice of orders (cost us P400.) After lunch, as usual, we had our sietas until we were awoken by a knock on our door. No, it was not by a friendly Electrolux man (korni) but by ate Alma. She said the boatman is already waiting for our boatriding/snorkling. Kaya yun, nagmadali ulit kmeng ngbihis into our swimwear. We rode the boat to go the Long Island (i think that's its name) and snorkled (we paid P1000), took pictures of the different fishes and fed them with bits of bread.
A local boatman offered to guide us with so we could explore more of the corals. At first, we were hesitant but because he was very persistent, we finally agreed ( we paid him P150 for his service). The boat have this rope for us to hold while he was dragging us, heads down of course, around the sea. It was a good decision because it felt as though we were swimming in an endless acquarium. We saw and took pictures of the different kinds and species of corals and fishes, I just dont know what to call them.

However, we didnt finish the whole "guided tour" because I felt really scared all of a sudden. I dont really know why but I had this cold feeling (no, not from the cold water) of dread so I signaled the boatman to stop. Little did I know that my niccolo was also feeling dizzy the very beginning of our snorkling. (see the before and after pic of that activity.)We went up the boat again and stayed there for a few minutes.
I still wanted to continue snorkling just within the vicinity of the boat but because Nico dont want to continue anymore, we agreed to just headback. We took a liesure walk down the end of the beach. Nico wanted to hike the mountain so we could reach the other side of the beach but I know I could do it after the tiring snorkling, so we just stayed there and lie down and talked until the night.When its really dark, we decided to go back. We took a bath and watch tv. I was too tired to even go out for a our dinner. Besides, I was already feeling full. I guess Nico felt the same way (or so I thought) so we just stayed there and ate the remaining chips and pastries that we brought with us. At 9pm, I was ready to call it a day kaya natulog nako in the arms of my niccolo. Later, he woke me up saying he wanted to go outside to drink beer. I sleepily agreed and told him to buy himself a dinner too if he's really feeling hungry. I guess I was really too tired to accompany him, I dont mind him drinking beer without me. I trust that guy and I know he really really loves me.

Day 3
Our last day. I woke up at 8am while Nico refuses to wake up not after 9:30am. I have this dreaded feeling while packing up our things. I dont want to go home, at least not yet. I very much enjoyed our stay there.
It was all just laid back, so relaxing and I was just not ready to go back to the stressful life in the city. Of course, you have to do what you have to do so after I drag Nico out of the bed, we had our brunch at where else? but at Paul's, we had tapsilog and tocilog with 2 glasses of iced teas (no more extra rice because we're way out of our budget.) We then strolled again to the souvenier shops where Nico bought a muscle shirt for himself for P100, I bought shell earrings for P70 and a tshirt for papa at P90. We headed back home to do more packing of things. We watched tv and at 1pm, we headed down the beach for our ride back to Batangas pier. We already have a ticket but for 3:45pm. We figured it was really late so we tried to check if we can exchange it for an earlier departure. It turned out that the roro boat already left 30 minutes ago and the next departure is the one for 3:45pm. So we went back to the restaurant to kill some time. As usual, we felt hungry so we spend our remaining spare money food tripping. Buying siomai, isaw, hotdogs, sweet corn, bottles of beer, glass of gulaman, etc. Hehehe! So finally at 3:30pm, we already boarded the roro boat to take us back to Batangas. Once at Batangas, we headed to the bus terminal for Alabang. The bus was very cold and the aircon was in full blast so I felt sick. In addition to that, I felt really really hungry. After dreadful hours, we're back at Alabang by 9pm. Almost all malls are closing or already closed so we cant have our dinner there. I was really feeling sick and hungry - a bad combination. I think I snapped at bit at Nico because he was telling me something about going to his house first to get his car. I told him to just take a jeep and we'll just eat at Jollibee Zapote. Nauseous and tired, we reached Zapote and ordered meal. If you would think that having finally eaten something would relax me a bit, you're wrong! I had an attack of hyperacidity and I cant even stand up straight. Oh man! This is turning to be a nightmare! FINALLY, we reached home! Bambi and Britney greeted us at the gate and we just sat at our living room without talking. Boy, are we tired! Hay... after an hour, nico headed back home. I wasnt able to walk him in front of the gate because I still can't stand up from that hyperacidity.

Overall, our trip to galera had been so much fun! Of course it wouldn't be that fun if I don't have my niccolo to share it with. After all, it was our second anniversary - my longest relationship ever! I'm looking forward to spending our next anniversaries, hopefully in Bohol as what we originally planned or in Palawan!

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