Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gone Too Soon

THREE robbers armed with pistol and submachine gun held up an internet café in Manuyo Uno, Las Piñas City Tuesday night and shot dead one of the customers who refused to give up his cellphone.
Case investigator P03 Albert Arevalo identified the victim as Daniel Dulalas, 27, single of Azalea Subdivision, Pulang Lupa and an employee of JP Morgan Chase Center.
Arevalo said the robbers barged into the Click in the City internet café at around 7:00pm and disarmed security guard Pedro Alcaraz of his firearm before divesting the shop and its customers of their valuables.
Dulalas reportedly refused to part with his 3310 cellular phone which caused one of the robbers to shoot him at pointblank range. The suspects took three other Nokia cellular phones, other valuables and P5,000 in cash from shop cashier Wennie Guevarra before fleeing on a motorcycle with no plate number toward Parañaque City.
City police chief, Supt. Josephus Angan said he has already formed a team to track down and arrest the suspects. Dulalas’ body was brought to the Filipinas Funeral Homes. – Ashzel Hachero

A tribute to A Brave Man:
This was the last minutes on the life of my former classmate and batchmate at St. Joseph’s Academy, Daniel Dulalas. I was shocked when a friend texted me that he died. I thought that he might have succumbed to an illness or some sort. When I replied and asked the cause of death, I was simply stunned! How can this happen to someone I know? Sure, this is not an isolated case. Incidents like this frequent newspaper covers. But it would really hit you if the person concern is somebody you know.
Daniel was a classmate during my 1st and 3rd year high at St. Joseph. He was one of those nice funny guys. He would always make jokes and always have a funny story to share. We weren’t that close in high school but we would always say our “hi’s” and “hello’s” whenever we cross path in the corridors or the street. After high school, of course we went our separate ways but I would still see him in the local parish, every much involve with church activities. As a matter of fact, I was informed that he performed as Jesus Christ during last Holy Week’s “Siete Palabras.” I really felt bad for his family and close friends. They are the ones deeply suffering and grieving right now.
I wasn’t able to come to first day of wake because of my job. I know it’s pathetic; I can’t even spare a minute of my time for an old friend. That’s why I hope in some way, through this blog, I would be able to show my condolences for this great loss. Just like what I told him in my dream last night. May you rest in peace and find the light of our Lord. My prayers are with you. I hope you’ll get the justice soon. You will be missed and remembered Daniel…

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