Monday, May 25, 2015

School Bound

I will soon have a student. I enrolled my almost 4-year old at a Montessori school and he'll be in advanced junior casa this school year.

my son (in green) during his trial class

While the tuition fee is not something I like enjoyed paying, I'm looking forward to attend my first parent orientation and parent-teacher association meeting. Hahaha! I'm a parent na talaga! Welcome to the lives of the grown ups
By the way, I'm loving the Montessori system. I know my son is not compatible with the traditional way. He's just too active and curious to stay seated for hours and listen to teachers. On the other hand, I think my son might have too much freedom if we'll enroll him in a progressive school. My husband and I want him to discover himself and learn things but with discipline. I think Montessori schools, the "real" ones anyway, will provide these things for our child.

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