Saturday, July 19, 2014

Playtime for my Toddler

My son turned 3 last month and his energy and temperament keeps me occupied most of the time. Interacting with him is now difficult (specially with tantrums) and endearing (when he's in his charming self). Terrible threes and terrific threes in my face.
I also read that this age is the appropriate time to let your toddler attend school. I wanted for him to do that but our schedule will just not allow us to do it. Good thing there's a Saturday playgroup at Toddler's Unlimited in Alabang. We paid P4,200 for a month because we wanted our son to interact with kids of his same age.
I was expecting more than an hour of playtime but the playgroup was actually a structured program. First they allow the kids to play, then there's the art class, story telling, recess, and playtime again. It's like a shortened version of their regular preschool class.
activities at Toddler's Unlimited Saturday playgroup

my son's first masterpiece
I liked it because our son seems to enjoy interacting with his classmates. I'll enroll him for more sessions after this month ends. I'm even considering this school for the little boy but the morning and afternoon class still won't fit my schedule. I'm actually excited to let him attend formal school next year so I'll keep on looking for more schools within the area.

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