Sunday, August 22, 2010

Polka Loca

A few years back, I was obsessing on skulls. I've bought a few items with skulls printed on it like bangles, earrings, clothes, etc. Save for some, I find it too awkward to wear skull printed accessories for my age anymore. Specially because I'm not into grunge. Haha, that's fashion fad in my face!

Fast forward into today's scene. Ever since polka dots became a hot fashion trend last year (am I right?), I've been so into polka dots lately. Sure I wear polka dots in my bag, pouch, socks, etc but not in my clothes. I guess I don't want to be associated as someone who dresses like a granny. I mean I've always love vintage fashion except in it comes to polka dots. Not my favorite.

Well, look at me now! I have a few items in my closet and it's still growing! I guess it's because the clothes are a bit modern. Hehehe!


Mary said...


EMA said...

cute... i esp. like the polka dots dress

Ayen said...

thanks mary and ema! =)

J said...

Polka Loca! Cute! ;)

Bachuchoy said...

I love the polka top from Forever21 sis. cutie! Ü

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