Friday, June 12, 2009

The First Fitting: Ayen in Wonderland

Four months after booking my couturier, I had my first fitting yesterday. Like a little girl, I was giggling the whole time while they were putting the gown on me. I was pricked every time I put my arms down since there were pins everywhere. Deadma. Giggle. Hehehe. I really can't help but admire my reflection in the mirror. The narcissist in me was up to its maximum level! Wow! Ang sexy ko. Ang ganda ko. Did I mention, ang sexy ko? Hehehe. All of them complimented me in my gown. The silhouette was perfect for my body type. I was beaming of course. I love it sooooo much. More compliments please. Too bad my parents wasn't able to receive my SMS to bring the camera, I would have taken picture of this fitting.

Since my parents accompanied me with the fitting, my mama had her measurement taken as well. She knows what she doesn't want but can't decide what she really likes. So my couturier made sketches for her. I'm posting the pictures below since I hate a blog without pictures.

Hay... I was in my happy place far far from earth. Then reality comes in. See you, it wasn't really easy as it seems. The assistants had a hard time putting the dress on me since I gained weight. I wasn't able to wear the gown with the petticoat because my waistline was almost 2 inches bigger. They were able to zipped up the gown but they really had a difficult time. Oh boy, I never thought I'll have a problem with my weight since I've been slim my entire life. I guess I really have to start working out and be conscious of my food intake.

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iam3x said...

good luck to you wedding preparations! it's a tedious task but worth it in the end. :)