Saturday, February 21, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I enjoyed reading other people's list so I decided to make one myself. I feel that 25 things is not enough though.

  • People thinks I'm suplada and mataray... that is so true, but once you got to know me, I'm all that and more.

  • I love everything girly eventhough I don't look and act like one

  • My eating rules: dessert comes first

  • I'm thankful that I can eat everything I want without worrying about the figure

  • I found THE ONE (hello, my Niccolo!)

  • I find people who got accounts to ALL social networks as papansin. Why do you need all of that anyway? I only have Friendster, Multiply, and Blogger and that's enough

  • Dogs are better than cats!

  • I was once (or twice) felt infatuated with a person(s) I met online (we never met personally, buti nalang)

  • My relatives thought I'd grow up as a lesbian

  • I love the meaning of my name (pure) but at the same time I hate it cause it's too common. Good thing though, my parents chose "Karen" over "Vanessa"

  • I still have "feelings" for my ex ( yeah, feelings like bitterness, hatred, frustration to the max!!!!!!)

  • I can't help but make side comments to girls with dirty toenails. Ever heard of the word pedicure?!

  • I do want world peace

  • My real friends are those who accepted me inspite of my kamalditahans specially during the dark days of my life
  • I am getting married but I'm not that overly excited (yet) like most brides

  • I have a very very bad temper

  • Writing makes me happy. Nothing special really, I don't use highfalutin words or discuss the meaning of my existence. I don't write (or blog) to impress anyone. I just want to keep it simple

  • I love the agony in Nico's eyes while I watch Pokemon and Hannah Montana

  • I want to be a vegetarian but I don't eat vegetables (I'm really trying!)

  • My first dream was to become a Prima ballerina

  • Having Niccolo in my life is the happiest I've been so far

  • I love reading. I wear an eyeglasses/contacts with a grade of 550

  • My parents thought I'd make a good lawyer since I always argue and defend myself out in most situations

  • Honestly, I once thought of entering a convent but changed my mind when my papa told me "tumigil ka na sa mga kalokohan mo!"

  • I never thought I would study in an all girls school. It wasn't that bad at all

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