Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cold Feet

Less than a year before our wedding and I'm having doubts... again... Is this what I really want? It's not the person I'll marry but the life after the wedding. I don't know if I'll ever be ready. Nico told me to go on a vacation, alone if I want to, just to try and find myself and do some soul searching. I really feel bad for him. This is the second time I told him about my fears. I appreciate his patience. Hay... I don't want to see him breaking down again.


mhei said...

hmmmm....there you go AGAIN ayen. I understand why you feel that way but're not getting any younger!hahaha..just have a vacation away from him...forever...kidding!! :)

Bonez said...

Karen, I cant say I know the feeling. In my case, I've been sure since day 1 and Im left hoping that he's just as sure as Iam.

Nico is a great guy. (and here I go again, shoving him up your ass) and I know you've proven that so many times already. If its the thought of marriage and lifelong commitment thats bringing about this cold feet, then I guess, you may have to think of what's life like without him. I have a new found respect to Nico, because cold feet can be offending yet he's giving you a time off for you to rethink if this is wat you really want. Most guys will just walk away with a broken heart and bad depression.
You have to trust that your marriage wont be anything close to what you are exposed to in your call center world. He's amazing and you are wonderful and you love each other. Isnt that what matters? Isnt that enough to make a marriage exciting rather than dragging?
Its your call anyway.
And I trust your better judgment.
I love you!