Friday, September 12, 2008

10 Dresses

This is my version of the movie, 27 Dresses. Mine's called 10 Dresses. Hahaha.

I've been part of a wedding entourage of a quite number of times now. Mostly from my female cousins and high school barkada. At first, I wasn't really that envious since I thought I was so young and there's no need to marry soon. But eversince my high school barkada started getting married year after year after year.... waaaahhhh!!! Takot at inggit nako! I'm 28 now and most of my batchmates are now wives, mothers, or both.

Anyway, these are some of the dresses I was able to keep. (Please excuse the quality since these pictures were taken from my cellphone camera.) FYI: the gowns looked better during those wedding

And here are the list of weddings I've took part of (flower girl not included)...

Maid of Honor:
my cousin, ate Haidi
another cousin, Geraldine
my bestfriend, Tonee

Bride's maid:
my close friend, Candy

Secondary Sponsor:
my cousin, ate Leny
my cousin, Babylyn
my cousin, Marissa
my cousin, Roda
my close friend, Deberrie
my close friend, Pia

Next year, I'll be turning 29. Malapit na mawala sa kalendaryo like what people say. I wonder, how many weddings will I take part as an entourage again? I don't really know. And I'm not scared na din. Actually, I wouldn't miss wearing bridemaid dresses... because anyway, I'll be wearing my own wedding dress next year.


mhei said...

Can i be your bride's maid on your wedding???hahahaha

Sheng said...

hi sis,

this is shinta from GT. i like the red gown! pwede nang wedding gown =)