Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shopping as Therapy

I'm so exhausted and freaking tired... It is starting to affect my performance at work these past few weeks. I've been coming to work late a number of times in a week and I've got a personal all time low performance scores. My boss noticed it too. Jokingly told me not to resign but for me to file for a few days of vacation leave. And of course I did! I gave him the leave form before the end of shift.

Partly, I think I felt so burnt out because I haven't been doing my favorite past time: SHOPPING.

I got my salary yesterday and after months of depriving myself from shopping, I finally did it! I shopped! One of the stores I've been frequently visiting (just to window shop then) is Plains and Prints. I like most of their collared blouses because the collars are different, I find it funky. So like a shark circling and observing its potential prey, I finally attacked and got myself three blouses. It was soooo worth the wait.

Shopping lifts my spirits, makes me feel alive. Hay... I'm feeling better already!

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