Monday, January 19, 2015

Viva Il Papa!!

Pope Francis' visit to the Philippines is truly a memorable event. I think most Catholics in this country have renewed their faith and beliefs, myself included. I did not brave the crowd. Instead, I watched the coverage of the pope's visit to the Philippines at home. That doesn't mean I did not experience the "magic" or "serenity" others felt when they saw the pope, because I did. I can't express how I felt but it was different. Somehow close to what I think I felt when Pope John Paul II was here. 

I relied on our television, social media, and online to know and listen to the pope's speech and homily. There were times when I cried (a lot) when I saw his simple gestures like embracing a little girl, kissing babies in the crowd, and waving to the rain drench people in Tacloban. 

I don't owe these pictures and I don't really know who to acknowledge but here are some of my favorites... 

Thank you Pope Francis for blessing our country and reminding us how to be a Catholic. We hope to live by Jesus' teachings like what you said. We will never forget you. You really touched our hearts. Grazie! Gracias! Thank You! Salamat! 

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