Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hit, Run, Karma

I was picking up my husband's costume for their "Game of Thrones" chirstmas party when I was hit by a motorcycle. It wasn't that bad really (thank God) but I sure was shaken up and pissed at the same time. 

I just got off the jeepney and was about to cross the street when this a**hole motorcycle driver hit me. I swear I didn't see him because it was only a few seconds after I stepped out of the jeep. The impact wasn't rhat hard. You could say it was "daplis lang" in Filipino but it still fell and got out of balance. Actually, "sumadsad sa kalsada" is the correct word to describe it. As I was getting up, this sorry excuse for a man even had the guts to yell at me because I was hit. I angrily got up and told him "Ikaw na nga nakasagasa ikaw pa galit! Ni sorry 'di ka man lang nagsabi!" He then sarcastically said "Sooorrry!" I then yelled all the Filipino curses I know to him and hope he'll get into accident too. I know that wasn't Christian-like and classy of me but that guy was an a**hole to the nth level! Yes, my reaction says a lot about me but I was hurt and pissed off at the same time. I didn't have time to think things through. Yes, I'm very very emotional.

I also told that driver that he should be thankful I'll not press any charges. He was starting to drive away when I told him to wait. I was thinking of going to the nearest police precint and blotter this incident but he drove away and left me with some of my scattered groceries and stuff in the street. 

A while ago, I noticed the bruises on my knees and legs.

As I think things through, I realized that the a**hole might be speeding that time. He said I wasn't looking. If that is indeed the case, he would have stopped and hit his breaks before hitting me. But he didn't because he was probably driving fast. It actually made me more upset.

Anyway, I'm still lucky I'm alive with minor bruises. I thank God for preventing any major harm to come my way. I'm still upset with the motorcycle driver and I'm just hoping karma will get him. 

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