Sunday, January 31, 2010

From Bride to Wife

It's been almost 2 months since we got married and yeah, I must admit I still have a wedding hangover. I just can't help myself from still checking out our wedding pictures and onsite video. I've even tried my wedding gown twice to see if it still fits. It doesn't. :(

Most of my friends would ask me how it feels to be a wife. Honestly, there's not much difference except for the fact that we're now sharing one room. Partly it's because we're living with his parents so I'm not really obliged to clean the house, wash our clothes, cook meals, and other stuff that a typical housewife does. I only have my husband (naks!) to take care of.

Now adjusting my life as his wife is a different story since I have to deal living out of my parents place and moving with my husband and his family. I've known my husband for more than 5 years now and I half expected to live with a cluttered person. It was just amazing that we didn't have a difficult time adapting ourselves to each other's habits. I actually think it was him who had to adjust living with me since I would always remind him to put everything back to it's proper places. He sometimes complain that I keep telling him to do things like what his mother does. Talk about living with your mother!

What I miss the most are my mother's cooking and my dogs. Of course I miss my family too but I can always call them or text. On the other hand, I can't do that to my dogs or taste my mom's cooked meals not unless I'll go back home. Did I also mention our store? I never thought I would miss it but I do miss getting my daily fix of junk food. Since Nico's family is too health conscious for me, I had to make sure that everytime we go to the mall, I make it a point to buy myself a bag full of junk food. Teehee!

My husband just woke up and caught me doing this blog entry. Geez! I guess I have to add "privacy" as one of those things I miss about singlehood. Back home when I was single, I never had someone sneak up on me while blogging or writing comments. Wow, Ok, I'm rambling now. I have to stop. I'm no longer a bridezilla, no one will tolerate my tantrums anymore. I'm now a wife.

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