Saturday, October 17, 2009

Definition of Stress

Stress is a biological term for the consequences of the failure of a human or animal to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats to the organism, whether actual or imagined.

It is also a constant state that most Brides-to-be are in. This also refers to the hardship in dealing with the following (but not limited to):
  • Grooms-to-be who keeps saying "That's nice, baby. Too bad we're over our budget already" to all your suggestions.

  • Parents who keeps inviting people you don't know or you haven't seen since grade school

  • Suppliers who can't seem to keep their end of the contract

  • Bridesmaids who can't find an hour of their time for the scheduled gown measurement and fitting

Common sources of this condition are as follows (but not limited to):

  • Your fiance's parents didn't like the food selection of your caterer and wants to replace them with less than two months away from the big day

  • Engagement session that is yet to be scheduled

  • Music selection that is also yet to be discussed

  • Cake flavor and design that is yet to be finalized

  • Guestlist that seems impossible to finalized

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