Monday, July 20, 2009

I Crave

I know that I should be watching my weight since I have my wedding gown to consider, but I can't help it, I love eating specially sweets. Oh well, I guess I still have more than a month before my second fitting.

  • Crepes. Been craving for this thing like a pregnant woman (but I'm NOT!) My Niccolo had a taste of what it may be like if I am one. We drove around the south for hours looking for an open store that sells crepes in the middle of the night. We didn't find one and I was so disappointed. He promised we'll go Cafe Breton or MOA the next day to buy one, and we did. I was a happy camper! (picture below was from Tokyo Cafe, I wasn't able to take picture of Cafe Breton but it was my favorite so far!)

  • Twister fries and Coke float. I'm happy that they've brought twister fries back. Wait, someone told me it has always been available? I'm not sure though... but I love it anyway.

  • Ice cream. I guess this is what I've been craving for the most. Notice that crepes ans coke float includes ice cream? I love Oreo blizzard.


    Anonymous said...

    twister fries!!!! love it!!!!

    Ayen said...

    i know! everyone loves it! =)