Sunday, May 18, 2008

Twenty Eight

I just celebrated my 28th birthday two days ago. I guess I'm really getting older (hopefully wiser as well) since I was surprisingly satisfied with the things that happened and things I did on my birthday no matter how simple and shallow it may seems.
Anyway, here are my 28 birthday celebration (non)highlights:
  1. I woke up early in the morning smiling of it was my birthday!
  2. Prayed and gave thanks to God for another year
  3. Read some of the birthday sms greetings from friends
  4. Got slobbered by the dogs (I guess those were their greetings)
  5. Ate breakfast, took a bath and went to church
  6. Updated online accounts
  7. Went to MOA for lunch out with family
  8. Unable to decide where to eat, chose to dine at Gerry's instead
  9. Shopping with my mom
  10. Bought a box of Krispy Kreme for take out
  11. Went home, traffic at Airport Road
  12. Updated online accounts again, uploaded some pictures
  13. Waited for Nico
  14. Went to BF Paranaque for dinner
  15. Ordered siomai at Henlin's (i was already full coz I ate at home)
  16. "Rainbow" played over the radio. I haven't heard that in ages! (That was the background song playing when I dreamt about my deceased ex-bf telling me to move on)
  17. Window shopping at Ruins
  18. Went home and sleep (technically ended my birthday)
  19. The next day, woke up late, ate lunch, took a bath
  20. Let Nico wait for an hour, then drove to Greenhills
  21. Strolling, Shopping, Strolling, Shopping
  22. Snacked on some churros
  23. Strolling, Shopping, Strolling, Shopping again (I was at my element!)
  24. Had a steak dinner at the House of Minis
  25. Tried to catch "celebrations" at SMX (wedding exhibit) but it was already closed
  26. This one's rated "X"
  27. Went home
  28. Tried some of the clothes I bought and slept

Grabe! As I was listing down these things, I realize that it was indeed boring. It doesn't seems like a birthday celebration at all. Hahaha! It was okay but I was really really happy because I spend it with my love ones.

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